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About Me

Welcome to Back To Classic Designs!


Hi! My name is Marie and I am the "One Woman Show" of Back To Classic Designs. I design and create my jewelry, built and maintain my website, attempt to master social media, travel from craft fair to craft fair and the list goes on...

I've been selling my work at Arts and Crafts Shows for 30+ years! The inspiration for my line comes from this picture of my parents. It was taken in 1950. I think it was their prom.            


I used to look at this pic a lot as a little girl. For some reason I was fascinated with it and I guess it just stuck with me. My mother's dress and necklace sort of has that Scarlett O'Hara/Elizabeth Bennet look! My father's kinda cute too! I created a line of Victorian Inspired Jewelry using cameos, crystals and pearls along with other components to reproduce jewely from that era. Funny thing~I always remember that necklace having a cameo as the focal point, which is why I have so many designs with cameos in them. But, when I recently came across this picture and blew it up~NO CAMEO!!!! Guess I just always liked them. I wonder where I saw the cameo back then?!?!?! Oh well...I hope you enjoy your time in my shop and find something that stirs up good memories and good feelings for you.

Thanks for stopping by! Marie